The AKSA Graduate Student Paper Award

The AKSA Graduate Student Paper Award is given for an outstanding graduate student paper on a topic of Korea or Koreans/Korean Diaspora (all broadly defined), and work published in an English language journal in 2019/2020, or work of publishable quality. Authors may nominate themselves, or other AKSA members may do so. The author(s) must be the member of the AKSA at the time of submission. The graduate student must be the 1st author of the paper. To nominate a paper, send (1) a PDF file of the paper, (2) a brief letter (PDF or MSWord) justifying the nomination, and (3) contact information for the nominee (including email), to the chair of the selection committee. The submission deadline is May 30, 2020. 

The members of the Graduate Student Paper Award Committee are: 

Chair: Byungkyu Lee  
Department of Sociology 
Indiana University



Past Recipients of the AKSA Graduate Student Paper Award



Yang-Sook Kim (Univ. of Toronto), “Care Work and Ethnic Boundary Marking in South Korea” 
Yewon Andrea Lee (UCLA), “Reframing Gentrification: How Tenant Shopkeepers’ Activism in Seoul Radically Reframed Gentrification”


Minwoo Jung (USC), “Urban Inequality and Belonging of Young Adults in South Korea"

Juhee Woo (CU-Boulder), "Gendered Stigma Management among Young Adult Women Smokers in South Korea"



Eunsil Oh (Harvard), “Who Deserves to Work? How Women Develop Expectations of Childcare Support in South Korea”



Sehwa Lee (SUNY-Albany), “Becoming Responsible Fathers in Transnational Setting: An Analysis of Middle-Class Korean Wild Geese Fathers”  

Juyeon Park (Honorable Mention, UMass-Amherst), “Who Draws the Big Picture? Gendered Intensive Parenting of Korean Students at U.S. Elite Colleges”



Seongsoo Choi (Yale), “When Everyone Goes to College: The Causal Effect of College Expansion on Earnings”


Eun Kyung Shin (Columbia), “The Morphology of Resistance: Korean Resistance Networks 1895-1945”


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